Delta Multi Gasket
Blade Fuse
Blue Window Cleaner
Hose Clip
Delta Workshop Wipes
Assortment Box
IK Pressure Sprayer
Leather Maintainer
Fabric Protector
Micro Fibre
Henry Hoover
Mamoth Drying Towel
Nielsen F1 Cutting Compound
Neowox Car Polish
Mothers Aluminum Polish
Nilfisk Pressure Washer
Mother Chrome Polish
Nitrile Gloves
Pressure Washer
Neo Wax Polish
Non Acid Wheel Cleaner
Rapid Body Detailer
Pot Rivot
Sealey Compressor
Peek Polish
Sealey Spanners
Sealey Buffing Machine
Pressure Sprayer
Sealey Tool Valet Bag
Poorboys World Bio-degradeable
Sealey Vortex Gun
Sealey Impact Sockets
Trim Clip
Vikan Brush
Thread Lock
Tyre Paint
Poorboys World Super Slick
Wet and Dry Vac
Sonax Paste Polish
Venus Sprayer
Vikan Wheel Brush
Vikan Rim Brush

Nielsen Chemicals

Nielsen Chemicals established in 1969, is a manufacturer of specialist cleaning products for the Automotive Industry; producing a complete range of cleaning, valeting and maintenance products across a range of sectors best matched to your needs. Products such as TFR, Non-caustic TFR, Wash & Wax, Polish, Alloy Wheel Cleaner, Tyre Dressing, Plastic & Rubber Dressings, Interior Cleaners, Leather Cleaner and many more. Nelsen strive to offer the most effective products, and to do this they test hundreds of raw materials and blends, creating easy to use products that work, time and time again. As part of this commitment, their chemists and technicians invest countless hours developing products in their on-site research and development laboratories. This ensures that Nielsen products are developed and tested for optimum performance and product compatibility, on all existing and emerging automotive materials. Nielsen works hard to ensure that all their products are developed to meet the latest environmental legislation and to minimise their impact on the environment, as this is something very important to us all.

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